American Airlines Employees Using Jetnet AA

The best thing to handle the employees of a company is to have their own Employee Information system. That is why the American Airlines has its own Jetnet AA system. This is design not only for their employees but as well as the contractors who have related businesses on the company. Employees will no longer go to the HR department to update any information on the employment status.

How to Login on the Website?
The login site is simply available to authorized people which include the Airline Employees. To be able to access the website you should definitely have your own personal user ID and password. Navigate your browser on the login website which contains two fields you have to enter, the user ID together with your own password. Immediately click login. In case you failed to remember your password, just click under the “Forgot your password?” link. You would be sent straight towards the page to get your authorization ID. Answer also to the security question.
How to Register on the Website?

All employees and contractors who do not have an account yet must create one now. The process is very simple enumerated in this blog post. You can get guidelines below. Simply navigate to the website after which press the “Log in help” link. In that case, when on the page click the “First Time User Registration”. You would be sent straight to the page which you might be requested for your personnel or contractor number. Make sure you click on “Submit” button. Additionally, you will be taken up the page the spot where you make your own User ID and password. Click “Continue”. So now pick your own personal security questions and answer them. Whenever you are already complete, just click “Finish” button and look at the “User Agreement”.

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