How to Send an Email in CorrLinks?

It is very lonely when you want to hear from your family or friends outside the prison. CorrLinks program allows you to email with each other immediately and in the easiest way at So get your own account now by subscribing with only 0.05$ per minute. How to register?image 2

  • You need to learn first the inmate number. Once you don’t find out, just proceed to the web page of Federal Bureau where you can get the number you are seeking for. Just look there the entire name of the inmate and then which facility he or she is placed.
  • You need to communicate with the admin of the CorrLinks to discover in case the specific inmates you prefer to contact provide an approved access to the system.
  • In case the inmate wishes to speak with you, he or she has to add in you on his or her own contact list. This is actually the easiest way you are eligible to send and receive messages via the inside. This can be in case the person grants your request. Include as well as your name on his or her list, the inmate submits your name on the admin via
  • As soon as you have been accepted, a message is going to be sent onto your email which has a redirection of link on You have to sign up as a fresh user and setup your own profile. When you have your account now, you obtain the advantage to stop or accept inmates who needed to add You will simply get 10 days to answer on the request. Right after 10 days the identification code given on the invitation will end.
  • After you are now login, you should begin writing email for the inmate you need to communicate with. All the things will be supervised via admins, every one of the email you send and receive.

Send Corrlinks prison email now using your account.

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