Internation Youth Day Celebration

Last year 2005 is the most important year for the United Nations. It was the celebration of their 60th Session for their general assembly which was held due to some special issues concerning youths.  On those assembly, there was a review about the World Programme of Action for Youth and the progress concerning about it. The government gathered together and had made a decision about the lives of the youth and their future.

How they commemorate the day?

  1. Have a team build up. It is a great way to rally with your team and support the key actors that involved business, academic institutions, non-governmental organizations, government and the youth.
  2. Organize the team. You can hold a public discussion or a forum and campaigns that will support the young people on their issues and how you can have solutions.
  3. Celebrate the day. You can plan an event and organize it in a place where people can attend to showcase something about the day. Encourage the youths to participate in making decisions and processing the things that might affect their future and life. Focus on enriching their skills and inspiring them to better paths.
  4. Take the day as it is. You have to mainly focus on the encouragement and empowerment of the youth to participate on the event. The media will be the biggest medium here to have the awareness and they could observe the day. Promote it to the public about the concerning issues of the youth.

These are the things you can do every year to commemorate the day where the United Nations assembled for the sake of the youth all over the world.

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