Locating for Texas Inmate through TDCJ

In Texas, there is a law that allows the public to have an access about the release dates of individual TDCJ inmate convicted in this state. There are many ways on how you can access the information. You can use the TDCJ website, phone or through email. How can you get the parole release date? Here are the things you should need and know.

Three Things You Should Know Firstimage2

  1. The offender’s Texas Department of Criminal Justice number.
  2. The State Identification Number (SID)
  3. Birth date of the offender


  1. On the TDCJ website, there is an Offender Online Search tool. You can use it to gather the information you needed. The info might include the TDCJ number, location of the offender, convicted place, criminal records and the proposed release date.
  2. Information about the parole release date can be provided over the phone. You can contact two hotlines. Just choose whether to call the Offender Locator/General Information Line or the Offender Parole Status Line. The latter one, you must have the offender’s State Identification Number or the TDCJ number. For the former one, knowing the exact birth date can be sufficient for them in case you don’t know the SID and TDCJ.
  3. Email is also another form of knowing the parole date. Just email them through classify@tdcj.state.tx. Make sure you provide the full name, TDCJ number and the date of birth of the offender. Approximate age and conviction country can also be accepted.
  4. Huntsville in Texas has also the information about the location of offender and release date status. Just call the number (512) 406-5202. For the review of parole status, you can call the Board of Pardons and Paroles in Huntsville. The number is (936) 291-2106.

You can also search for TDCJ Inmate photos if you like one to see other than their criminal history, background, convicted place and many more.

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