Process of Filing Florida Corporation

Building a large entity for company and shareholders is an advantage to them such as the Florida corporation. This is because it’s an open door opportunity for them to met foreign investors. The Florida Corporation has many advantages than making corporation on other states. These may include the low filing fee, limited liability and low rate taxes. Which why as of now, many shareholders are filing to be incorporated here in Florida. If you want to taste the advantages that awaits for your company and raise your investment, form your own one now. How to? Read the instructions below on how to file for Florida Corporation.

  1. Go to Florida website and make sure that the corporation name you are planning to register is available. You can browse over the registered names there that what you plan does not still exist.
  2. If the name is not yet taken, you can now file the paperwork to the website to start your corporation. All you need to do is pay through your credit card and have a valid email address for the new business where transactions are done easily without the use of snail mail.
  3. If the department approves of your request, you can now have your Federal ID. All legal information will be needed soon so be prepared for it. Get your public record at the website for future reference.
  4. Get and fill out the 2553 and W-9 forms found here at These forms are very important. Instructions can also be found in the website. Corporate should be elected to avoid double taxation.
  5. If you need sales tax number for the State of Florida, go to the site and you can fill out free online.

These are the five simple steps to form Florida Corporation. Make sure you do the process accordingly since they are crucial and your request may fail. You can read more about Florida corporation here too at

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