Vanilla Visa Gift Card Online Shopping

Vanilla Visa Gift Card is one of the recent choices people pick when it comes to giving a gift to someone who is celebrating a special occasion in their life. It is a debit card under Visa which is available on different funds. You can actually add funds to it also when it is registered online. You can check more here at The card can be a form of payment on any products bought. But the card is only limited to US and District Columbia. It can also be used to shop online but is limited to the websites within the countries mentioned. Here are the steps to shop online.

a. You actually wish to look into the balance on the card by going to the Vanilla Visa gift card online website. You need to enter the unique number, expiration date plus the CVV three digit combination of the card. It will be positioned at the rear of the card just after the signature.
b. When you already discovered the balance, it’s essential to set up a account and also the card online. In doing this, you may create a web based payment using the card. Just go within the website created at the rear portion.
c. While you’re on the internet site, you will certainly type in the card account number and the zip code of your place. This is for protection purpose of your purchase transaction.
d. Proceed to the website which you want to buy a product. Purchase the merchandise you wish to obtain after which just start working on the settlement page on the website. You need to enter in the account number of the gift card you own at the text field given. It’s important to offer also other private information expected on your part.

Follow the steps accordingly and you can shop any item you want. Make sure you also protect your card when shopping online to avoid being scammed. You need to have first Vanilla Visa activation online.

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